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Remember the woman who would like a Sugar father is not a child

 Here are the Don'ts for Daddies : 

One. Remember the woman who would like a Sugar father is not a child. <a href="http://www.us-guccioutlet.com/">Gucci Bags</a>  So you needn't treat  her as one. Indulge her by all possible means but do keep in mind that a Sugar father is not  a stringent Edwardian uncle whose job it is to advise and discipline. Yes, you may well be  older than your girl but you needn't come across as if you believe that you are wiser, at  least not all the time. If she asks your guidance, give it by every means. The rest of the  time, make sure you are an enjoyable, attractive and dependable companion to be around. 
Two. A Sugar father doesn't possess his woman. OK, your standing and the not inconsiderable  money benefits that you unavoidably bring to the relationship may be features that your lady  rates highly, but that doesn't imply you have bought her as you may an automobile or a new  stereo system. You are both in the relationship by mutual agreement, an emotional agreement.  This is not hire purchase. There isn't any bill of sale. The best Sugar Daddies treat their  girls with respect. The only purchases made are the in the form of the gifts they buy their  meriting ladies. 
3. This is your extremely special private life, not a work environment. You are not your  woman's director. She is not your assistant or secretary and she actually isn't available  simply to fix your filing system or field <a href="http://www.us-guccioutlet.com/gucci-sunglasses-c-40.html">Gucci Sunglasses</a>  your business calls. If she expresses an abiding  interest in doing those things for you, then fine, but please, don't suggest it. This is one  example where life truly is all about play and not work. And it as always, it's all about  her. 
Four. Many Sugar Daddies, naturally of their maturity, might very well have been married  before or at least had previous relations. If so that they can learn from any mistakes made  in past unions. The lesson to be learned here, Daddy, is : don't draw up comparisons with  old flames and your current girl. It could be the case that Miss X, the girl you dated way  back when in the distant and possibly quite grubby past, could whip up a mean souffl. But if  Miss Z, who you are now Sugar daddy to doesn't know which way up a spoon is, don't make her  feel insufficient by mentioning those culinary wonders that are now a thing of that rosily  remembered past of yours. Instead put yesterday to the side and praise today's woman on her  individual merits. Don't judge her by using reference to other's talents as a yardstick. 
Being a Sugar daddy could be a rewarding and fun experience if you get it right. Carrying  the above tips under consideration can really help you make sure that your relationship  stays a sweet as the lovely lady you <a href="http://www.us-guccioutlet.com/gucci-accessories-gucci-belts-c-42_43.html">Gucci Belt</a>  are a daddy to.


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